New model for assessing the risk of developing lung cancer

Gnosis Data Analysis contributed in creating a precise tool for evaluating the personal risk of developing lung cancer in smokers. The tool is based on a mathematical model, namely the “HUNT Lung Cancer Model”, which accepts seven different clinical parameters and computes the probability of developing lung cancer within 6 and 16 years. Several characteristics make this model unique in its class:

  • The model is derived from data collected over more than 65,000 people, and validated on an external cohort containing 45,000 persons. These numbers ensure that both the model and its validation are highly robust and reliable
  • Smokers of all ages and smoking intensity can be evaluated using the Hunt Lung Cancer Model, contrarily to previous similar tools which focused on elders and heavy smokers
  • A data-driven, machine learning approach was used for realizing the model, ensuring the unbiased selection of the most relevant predictors out of a large pool of possible candidates

The scientific paper describing the model and the process used for deriving it is available at the following link:

The Hunt Lung Cancer Model can be consulted at the following page:

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