Biosignature Discoverer

BioSignature  Discoverer (BioSD) is a software plugin for the CLCbio bioinformatics platform. BioSD allows to discover the minimal sets of molecular quantities that are maximally predictive for a given outcome in high-throughput, omics data.

Find which genes are associated with Alzheimer, which metabolites predict crop quality, or which methylation patterns predict cancer survival: reliably, quickly, easily.

In collaboration with CLCbio

Just Add Data: easy-to-use, designed for non-experts.

  • Automatic identification of molecular signatures.
    A signature is a minimal-size set of molecular quantities that is optimally predictive for an outcome of interest.
  • General, handling various data types.
    Including binary, multi-class, continuous, and time-to-event outcomes.
  • Computationally efficient, fine-tuned implementation.
    Easily handles even tens of thousands of molecular quantities.
  • High quality results, using state-of-the art techniques.
  • Interpretable output, helping the user understand the results.

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BioSignature Discoverer User Manual

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Use Case: Diagnosing patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Complete analyses in <10 seconds on standard laptop). Full functional free version available.