We are looking for a new Artificial Intelligence Developer!!!

Job Announcement

Job Description

Gnosis Data Analysis is a University of Crete spin-off SME providing software and consultant services for advanced data analytics. We are currently looking for an artificial intelligence developer to strengthen our personnel.

As an artificial intelligence developer, you will lead the effort of building an artificial intelligence system on software applications for data analysis. The candidate should be able to handle various tasks, including reviewing the relevant literature, implementing the necessary (existing or new) algorithms, and their incorporation in existing stand-alone and web-based software applications.

This job offers the opportunity to work in a highly stimulating research-oriented environment, closely collaborating with Greek and foreigner researchers, and to gain experience in the modern fields such of data analytics and bioinformatics.

Required Skills

  • M.Sc. in Computer Engineering, Computer Science or related technical field (PhD will be an asset).
  • Excellent command of Java and object-oriented programming.
  • Experience in Knowledge-based Systems.
  • Experience in Business Rule Management Systems (e.g., Drools).
  • Professional working proficiency in English.
  • Excellent communication, teamwork & problem solving skills.
  • Independent thinking, ability to work autonomously, coming up with proposals and solutions, taking initiatives, entrepreneurship.
  • Fulfilled military obligations, where applicable.

Desired Skills

  • A notable track of relevant experience is highly desirable. Particularly, past/current participation in projects related to artificial intelligence, data analysis, machine learning.
  • Experience in Artificial Intelligence Planning.
  • Experience in statistical programming, particularly with the R Statistical Software or Matlab/Octave.
  • Knowledge of software engineering practices (e.g. design patterns, unit testing), and of version control tools (e.g. git) and build automation tools (e.g. Maven).
  • Knowledge of functional, logical or scientific programming languages (e.g. OCaml, ASP, Julia, Scala, Python).
  • Familiarity with principles of bioinformatics.


The compensation is highly competitive with respect to similar positions. The salary will be tailored to the experience and capacity of the candidate.

Application submission

Please send you application including a full CV, references, a motivation letter and other supporting material electronically to contact@gnosisda.gr. You can address questions to the same email.

Applications will be continuously evaluated every two weeks and until the position is filled. 

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